Integrated Technology: The key driver of growth in 2020


Growing Your Business with Integrated Technology


Integrated technology provides companies access to critical data that improves company-wide coordination and decision making to solve for the customer, help them succeed, and ultimately, grow their business as a result.


Many companies lack integration between technology and the valuable data and information that lives within it. Within a single company, there are often multiple disparate systems for sales, financials, and product or customer.

Disconnected systems create challenges when it comes to fostering a consistent customer experience and limit your teams’ abilities to share crucial information in a timely and efficient manner. Both of these issues have a major impact on your company’s capacity to gain insights quickly, make informed decisions, and scale for growth.


You and your company now have the opportunity to be proactive – to integrate your teams and systems before your competitors beat you to it!


Businesses who take the initiative to integrate technology are able to:

1. Provide a consistent, efficient customer experience.

2. Make coordinated business decisions that solve for the customer and drive growth.

3. Answer complex questions that span multiple topics and teams.

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